Lustrous Latina

Lustrous Latina

I love her bare feet "I work for a very rich man who owns this high-rise, glitzy apartment in Miami. I come over a few times a week to tidy up and to pick up and drop off his dry cleaning. But that’s not all I do for him. You see, I’ve been in his employ for years and he and I have this little arrangement. The way it works is that he buys me lots of expensive shoes and pantyhose and all that I have to do is wear them for him. And sometimes he just want to lick my cheesy feet. Sounds harmless, right? Well, I am as much of a shoe slut as he is a heel boy, so I don’t want to just wear all these sexy shoes and model shiny pantyhose for him. I want more. I want some hot foot sex, I love if he suck my toes, lick my feet and taste the smell of my heels"

"I can’t really explain it, but the minute I see all of the fancy gifts he has laid out for me to wear that day, my pussy starts to drip and throb. I never told him before we started our weekly kinky fashion shows, but I’ve always liked to masturbate with shoes. Ever since I was in my teens, I would hide in my nanny’s closet and rub my pussy with all of her fancy footwear. So, my boss might get off seeing my legs and feet in the things that he buys me, but I get off on it, too. Trying things on makes me so horny that I will drip warm pussy juice down my thighs."

"By the time I get my shoes strapped on and my hose put on, I am ready to masturbate or to fuck my boss. And when that happens, I’ll step out onto the balcony and start rubbing myself on his cock or playing with my pussy through the gusset. I go out on the balcony so I can feel the cool breeze on my legs and because in the middle of the day, there are a lot of horny voyeurs who watch me finger my drippy slit or suck his cock and their prying eyes make my orgasms even better." Here in my new Blog you can see more pics, most of them are footjob related

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